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Monthly Issue July 2019

Keeping Your Horse Safe

July 2019 Issue


Common signs of stress:
*Decreased appetite
*Tail swishing
* Pawing
*Repetitive head movements
*Flared Nostrils
Remember to be:
*Prepared and check on wen local displays
will be happening in your area.
*Check with neighbors and determine if
they will be having private fireworks.
*Stick to their normal routine. Exercise
them earlier in the day to avoid upsetting
them under saddle.
*Check the field to be sure they’re secure day for any debris.
*Stay Safe be sure that you keep yourself
safe if your horse does get upset.
*Playing music in the stable will help with
the loud sounds of the fireworks.
*If your horse shows signs of being upset
stay with them and try to sooth them.
*Try not to use and outside sedative for your
horse. If needed talk to your vet.


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