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River View Update – June

Vet Visit

ABC paid it’s yearly visit to the RiverView horses in April, a date certainly not marked for equine partying. Most of the horses were relatively easy going with the entire process of shots and tooth checks. One horse really gave new meaning to the term, relaxed. Jack did not even get up from his nap when the vet group entered his home. Perhaps, he can train the other horses who are a little anxious around the vet!

Jack Makes the News Again

Jack was a winner with the vets, however, he became a bit more well known around the farm for his escapes! For three mornings in a row, Jack was discovered taking his ease in a grassy stretch between 2 fields. However, the next time, Lisa was alerted due to all the other horses signaling that something was not quite right. She discovered Jack had again escaped, this time with a friend. All 4 geldings, to their dismay, spent the night in the round pen. The next morning, Lisa set to work on the fence. Jack escaped three more times as she was working. Once her work was complete, she adjusted the electric current and, surprise, no more escapes!

RiverView Farm Tack Sale

RiverView sponsored a very well-attended tack sale on May 8 at the Topsham Fair Exhibition Hall, our first at that location. There is ample parking and ample space for outdoor exhibitors. There is enough indoor space to effectively distance all the vendors and allow shoppers distance from each other. The food service is an added bonus. It was a successful day on all accounts!

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