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Nov: Riverview Updates

What an incredible autumn! Lesson season has been extended due to the invigorating riding weather. Horses are enjoying freedom from the summer flies and finding…

RiverView Updates

It’s that time of the year where we all try to ride enough to feel we’ve accomplished at least some of our goals for the…

River View Update – June

Vet Visit ABC paid it’s yearly visit to the RiverView horses in April, a date certainly not marked for equine partying. Most of the horses…

May River View Update

Adeena and Dolly Welcome to Dolly! Adeena had been seeking a new horse for quite a while. She finally found Dolly and decided to lease…

HB311 Proposing another committee to study rail trails.

HB311 Bill Title: establishing a committee to study rail trail best management practices. (LSR#: 414) Status: IN COMMITTEE (Resources, Recreation and Development)Due out of Committee  3/11/2021Bill…

Letter to the Editor:

Addition to: Scrapes, Miner Cuts and Gashes Thank you for printing the article Scrapes, Miner Cuts and Gashes. It was complete and very informative. I…


Try Something Different: Fall foliage will be here and I could not think of a better way to enjoy the foliage than by horseback. With Covid 19 upon us the clean brisk fall air is a GREAT time to enjoy your horse. Most organized trail . . .

Painted Pony

Here we are, summer is winding down, along with the deer flies and the alternately steamy, or dusty days out on the trail. In New…

Riding To The Top:

Westbrook Strong recently donated an Automated Emergency Defibrillator (AED)
to Riding To The Top Therapeutic Riding Center. It was purchased from some of
the proceeds from The Annual Westbrook Strong 5K and Matt’s Fun Run and was
presented by Laurie and Gary Rairdon.

2019 Gift Guide

Please check out the October 2019 Gift Guide! Page 1 of Gift Guide Page 2 of Gift Guide

Bridging the Gap in Veterinary Medicine

He gives me that look. You know the one I’m talking about. The I’m-having-a-really-bad-day-so-your-ride-is-going-to-be-worthless look. I questioned whether he had given it to me the…

Umbilical Infections

Umbilical infections, also called
omphalitis or omphalophlebitis, and are an
inflammation of any one of the structures
that make up a foal’s belly button. The
umbilicus consists of two arteries, a vein,
and the urachus. The umbilical arteries
carry deoxygenated blood away from the
fetus and returns the blood to the placenta.
The umbilical arteries give rise to the
round ligaments of the bladder in the adult.
The umbilical vein brings oxygenated
and nutrient-rich blood to the fetus from
the maternal circulation. In the adult the
umbilical vein becomes the round ligament
of the liver. The urachus is a remnant of the
canal that drains the fetus’ bladder

Monthly Issue July 2019

Keeping Your Horse Safe

July 2019 Issue


Common signs of stress:
*Decreased appetite
*Tail swishing
* Pawing
*Repetitive head movements
*Flared Nostrils
Remember to be:
*Prepared and check on wen local displays
will be happening in your area.
*Check with neighbors and determine if

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