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May River View Update

Adeena and Dolly

Welcome to Dolly! Adeena had been seeking a new horse for quite a while. She finally found Dolly and decided to lease her from the owner. Dolly is a mare with unknown breeding. She is social and takes the time to respond to other horses on the farm with a gentle nicker. She is definitely looking for her friends! We all look forward to building a relationship with our new friend!

Photos: Dolly, Adeena

The Mirror

Janice and I spend a great deal of time together, interacting with our horses, Dakota and Kari. We walked them extensively throughout the winter months and ride together now that the weather and conditions allow. Janice is also enthused about new ideas.I had mentioned accustoming Kari to seeing her reflection in a mirror. The next thing I knew, Janice had brought a mirror and we spent part of the morning investigating reactions from various horses. Some of the horses were skeptical, some a little unnerved and some simply examined their reflections with interest. 

Note:According to an article I found in Equus, (Can a horse recognize himself in a mirror? it’s not clear if horses recognize themselves in a mirror.

Photos: Dakota in Mirror

Baby Honor and Famous Barn Cat, Shadow

Honor has made many friends at RiverView, including her BCFF (Best Cat Friend Forever), Shadow. Shadow is wonderfully sociable with both horses and their humans. Honor and Shadow are pictured together. I strongly believe Shadow has helped Honor adjust more quickly to her new life and surroundings.
Photos: Honor, Shadow

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