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IBRA Maine

article and photos courtesy of Daniel Murphy May 15th 2021 -

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Daniel Murphy Stillwater Ave Bangor, ME 04401 (207) 299-3906

Saturday, May 15th, IBRA Maine started off the Spring with a fun show at their home arena in Exeter, to knock off those Winter blues, and to get everyone ready for the start of the official season. Tons of riders, fans, and a million Maine blackflies turned out to enjoy the event and the warm weather. It was a fun filled day, even with all the blackflies swarming the show, with Open Poles and Open Barrels events for the day. For the first part of the day was spent catching up with fellow riders, and warm up runs in the arena, with the serious fun starting later in the day.

With perfect temps in the 70s, riders and horses were all ready to get back into action after a long dreary Winter. In the Open Poles 1D Tammie Cry and Roan Hopper took 1st with a 21.323 time. In 2D The Wild Bunch riders of Mallory "Mony Mony" Williams, Rachael "Fuzzy Top" Panther, and Lexi "Wild One" Bubar swept the board for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Mallory with Smart Lil Canon running a 23.586 for 1st, Rachael running with Dallas for a 24.444 to nab 2nd, and Lexi teamed with Sugar Pop Flit to grab 3rd with a 24.824. Mallory Williams rode again to 1st in 3D on Redfords Lunaeclispe with a 26.357. Shannon Rood and Minnie grabbed 2nd with a 26.535. Cassie Smith and Bullet rode into 3rd with a 27.273. Vickey Witham and Dixie Cas Shadow ran a 27.837 to take 4th, and Chantelle Babin with Wendy closed it out with a 28.530 for 5th place.

Open Barrels saw some flying dirt and cheering crowds, as Tammie Cyr and Roan Hopper kept up the winning streak with a 16.403 to take 1st in 1D. Autumn Doughty and Red were hot on their heels, taking 2nd with a 16.445. In 2D Lexi "Wild One" Bubar stayed in the money, with a 17.302 to take 1st place. Ronni Owens and Annie were right behind her, with a 2nd place time of 17.368. 3D 1st place was taken by Mallory Chandler and Danger Ranger with a time of 17.475. 2nd place was Vickey Witham and Dixie Cas Shadow with a time of 17.519, with Kristie Withee and Lunas Slice of Victory riding hard for a 4th place with a 17.596 time. BJ Moholland and Pep Dun It ran hard for a 4th place time of 17.826, and Wild Bunch rider Shiloh "Footloose" Worster and Rocket grabbed 5th with a 17.993 time.

4D 1st place was taken by Chantelle Babin and Wendy with a 18.789 time. Jamie Bolstridge and Packin Pepsi rode into 2nd with a 19.293. Hailey Bubar and Starz the Limits with a time of 20.347 grabbed 3rd, with Danielle Withee and RRT Heza Total Dream right behind them with a 20.830 for 4th. And Jorden Owens and Sampson rounded out the day with a 21.161 for 5th place in the class.

With dust on their clothes, blackflies in their hair, and their spirits pumped for the start of the season, riders loaded up and headed home to anxiously wait for June 5th and the start of the IBRA Maine 2021 season.

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