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August 2019 News

IBRA Maine

article and photos courtesy of Daniel Murphy May 15th 2021 - Very Low resolution images on the website. Daniel Murphy Stillwater Ave Bangor, ME 04401…

RiverView Updates

Getting Ready for a Lesson It’s been a challenging time for lessons between the heat and the rain! Here’s one of our younger riders getting…

Umbilical Infections

Umbilical infections, also called
omphalitis or omphalophlebitis, and are an
inflammation of any one of the structures
that make up a foal’s belly button. The
umbilicus consists of two arteries, a vein,
and the urachus. The umbilical arteries
carry deoxygenated blood away from the
fetus and returns the blood to the placenta.
The umbilical arteries give rise to the
round ligaments of the bladder in the adult.
The umbilical vein brings oxygenated
and nutrient-rich blood to the fetus from
the maternal circulation. In the adult the
umbilical vein becomes the round ligament
of the liver. The urachus is a remnant of the
canal that drains the fetus’ bladder

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