Tink & Frado

From the book by Lynda McCann

Tink, a white pony, is sure he has the world figured out. He sets off on many adventures with his best friend, Frado, a Jack Russell Terrier, and with his other friends, but things never quite turn out as Tink intends.

Meet Tink and all his friends. There's Babette, kind and adventurous, the large and greedy Fortress, the oh-so-beautiful and somewhat conceited Celeste, the bully, Big Bertha, sweet and sleepy Old Pooh; there is Tink's own beloved owner, Susie, her best friend and Babette's owner, Erin, and all the other members of the barn family.

Join Tink and his friends as they have adventures on horseback, in the barn, and all kinds of places they shouldn't!